Wedding gift ideas 2018-2019

Wedding gift ideas 2018-2019 -

As soon as you have  received a wedding invitation, the first question is: what is a good wedding gift to choose? It is difficult enough to  figure out what kind of gift will be suitable. How much must it сost? What kind of gifts must it be in general? And if newlyweds will not like your choice.  These  are many troubling questions, but don’t be quick  to get  frustrated and panic. We have prepared interesting and unusual wedding gift ideas for you. You can definitely find the perfect gift among them.

Today, lists of gifts, also called  Wish Lists, are made by the couple. They have become more and more popular. From the whole list, guests can choose what they like and what matches their budget. Unfortunately, only some couples make such kind of lists and facilitate the choice of gifts. In this case, traditional wedding gifts will help you. These are the things which are considered as universal gifts. For example, household and computer equipment, sets of dishes (except knives and forks, because it is considered as a bad sign), bed linen, blanket, plaid, stylish decor items. By the way, you can always ask the newlyweds what they would like to receive as a gift for the wedding. Perhaps the most optimal solution will be money because the organization of a wedding is a very expensive event.

It is not necessary to give a gift intended simultaneously for the groom and bride. You can choose and give special gifts  to one from the couple. It can be a thing that relates to a person’s hobbies, that he/she likes and appreciates. For example, a wedding gift for the groom can be a parachute jump, boxing gloves, paragliding, a certificate for his favorite sports store and so on.

A wedding gift for the bride can be a subscription to the pool, a certificate for a purchase in a clothing store or accessories, if a girl is keen on a photo art – it can be a camera. Here you can use your imagination in everything, choosing exactly what, in your opinion, will please the bride and groom. If you give separate gifts, then you can consult the newlyweds separately to find out which gift  would be more successful.

The Best Wedding gift ideas 2018-2019 -

Wedding gifts etiquette

A wedding is a large-scale celebration, and a very important event in the life of a couple, so they want the wedding day to be perfect. There is an unspoken wedding gifts etiquette, which will help you to look solid  for the  event and don’t lose with a gift.

Firstly,  consider  the value of the wedding gift or the amount that the guest puts in the gift envelope. Of course, everyone has different financial  capabilities, but too little sums or inexpensive gifts are considered as a mauveton ( I am not familiar with the term mauveton), that is a sign of bad taste. Another rule of etiquette: do not brag about the gift that you give to the newlyweds, especially if you have chosen an expensive one.

Creative and Unique Wedding Gifts

When you want to give something unusual and original as a wedding gift, it may cause  a long search for such a non-trivial thing. Perhaps the most common option – fine art. It can be paintings of different artists, genres, themes; Sculptures for an apartment or a country house; Subscriptions to lectures and master classes; gifts with national colors.

Choosing art, you provide yourself with chic unique wedding gifts, which will definitely surprise the newlyweds. But here you need to be very careful not to disappoint the couple with an unnecessary gift. It is unlikely that the picture will be the best wedding gift for a couple who are not keen on paintings and art in principle.

How much money do you give for a wedding gift?

Each guest choses how much money to give to the newlyweds and it is based on their financial capabilities and degree of  closeness to the couple. Often,  monetary  gifts start from  $ 100. It can be called a minimum cash gift. Average values for close relatives fluctuate somewhere between 300-500 dollars, and for more  distant relationships- 200-300 dollars.

Wedding gift idea for couples

The most popular is a gift intended for both the groom and bride. What could it be? We offer you several interesting wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom. These can be things that will be useful in family life: a coffee machine and a coffee set, a food processor, a home theater, an electric fireplace.

An original gift will be a puzzle with a general photo of a couple or a collage from different frames, which will be very fun and entertaining to collect. If the newlyweds are not against smoking, you can buy a hookah with all the appropriate accessories. It will be a stylish and unusual gift for gatherings with friends and family.

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