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More Wedding Decoration Ideas -

Among the many tasks of the newlyweds in organizing their wedding, one of the most creative and laborious is wedding decoration. This is what will make it possible to transform the place for the celebration beyond recognition, to give it a special style and individuality, to make it an aesthetic and photogenic.

Today, few of the couples in love do without decor. Because recently on the Internet and in real life it began to pay more attention to the visual solution of space, so I would not want to ignore this when organizing a wedding. Yes, you can initially choose a beautiful and stylish place to spend minimum on decoration, but the table for guests, the presidium for the newlyweds, the photo zone will still need to be decorated. So without registration in the twenty-first century in any way.

Wedding Decoration Ideas -

Decoration in wedding planning

To invent wedding decorations you can long before the wedding, but to take any concrete actions follows after the date, place and desired concept are determined. Dealing with the design of the decor before this practically does not make sense, because everything can change several more times, and your efforts and time spent can not be returned.

Speaking about the most popular styles of design, the unchanged leader remains the classic – an event in white festive colors. Strong competition can make up some popular in recent styles: rustic, eco, boho, loft, black and white stylistics. Slightly inferior: retro, vintage, provence, country.

The wedding looks in a certain color, which elegantly envelops the space with a stylish, cozy and extravagant atmosphere. Style can also depend on the selected location. For example, if a wedding is planned in warm countries, then there will be corresponding beach weddings decorations.

Young designers or specially invited people, wedding decorators, can develop design. Of course, the professional training will be more qualitative, thoughtful and integral, that’s why such a person is simply necessary if an incredible luxurious event is planned.

Decoration in wedding planning -

Which zones should be decorated

In order for the wedding reception decoration to be harmonious and uniform, the decorations should cover the entire wedding space. This does not mean that there should be many, but everywhere there must be a characteristic style of the element of decor. Then the picture and the impression of the wedding will be especially strong and attractive.

Speaking of the banquet hall, decorating will be required by the presidium of the young, guests’ tables, a navigation zone with a sign boarding of guests, if such is planned, a place for storing gifts, a photo zone, a bar counter. Actually you have to cover everything that you see. However, do not decorate the space too much, so it does not come out too piled up. Everything should be in moderation, because this is the secret of stylish holidays.

If it’s about an exit ceremony, you need to arrange a wedding arch, seating for guests, a special photozone for a variety of photos with an arch, a path through which the bride and groom will go, the buffet tables. Together with the beautiful location wedding decorations will look even more spectacular and festive.

Which zones should be decorated -

What are the most necessary attributes of wedding decoration.

The absolute leader among the wedding decor are flowers. Most often live, but also beautiful quality artificial ones are also in demand among newlyweds. The colors adorn everything, and it looks, of course, simply amazing. Can I call them cheap wedding decorations? A controversial issue, but this is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to transform space and create a special atmosphere of celebration.

Interesting and optimal decoration decisions decision

Among the interesting ideas for wedding decoration are such: ceiling decoration with airy fabrics, hanging beads and flowers, pendant pots or huge balls around the hall, cozy table lamps and LED candles, colored dishes and unusual patterned tablecloths on the table, a wall with old family photos of different years. With any design, flowers and greens perfectly complement the image and style of the wedding.

Originality and individuality – that’s what is especially appreciated when decorating. You need to find your own style or style of decor, which would most fully depict you as a person and a couple. In order to find interesting wedding decorations ideas, you just need to plunge into the limitless number of wedding photos and concepts on the Internet. There are many amazing solutions that will certainly inspire you to develop some unusual type of decor.

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