Wedding Cake Trends in 2018-2019

Wedding Cake Trends in 2018-2019 -

When planning the wedding, the wedding cake table cannot be ignored, because the wedding cake is the main attraction. There are so many options that you could lose your head.How can  such diversity of taste and types be determined? We will make this possible by sharing with you in this article the 2018-2019 trends.The weddings cake is not simply tasty entertainment, it also the main decoration of the table, logic banquet completion (I am unsure what “logic banquet completion” means). Newlyweds ceremoniously cut the first slice for themselves, then waiters will cut it for the guests. The design of the cake can be suggested by the confectioner or organizer. However, a final decision should be accepted by you.

Questions to ask wedding cake baker -

Questions to ask wedding cake baker

Yes, there are different styles of wedding cakes, but when you do not choose a style, the rules of choice of the confectioner are standardized. Firstly, you must look up the portfolio of the specialist, what desserts he does. If the specialist interested you, ask  questions concerning the wedding sweet table. For example, ask, how  does he do the filling and whether other variants are possible, how he fixes levels, whether he delivers dessert to the banquet hall, specify sizes and pie weight, agreement on the time of delivery. That is, you should find out all variations.

Do not limit yourself by  talking with just  one confectioner, indeed the more you  communicate with different professionals, then you will better understand  what kind of desserts you want, and who will prepare them for you. Seek council with persons you are familiar with , which have already engaged in choosing  wedding pies. It can help you with this difficult choice.

Different kinds of wedding cakes: Colored, classical -

Different kinds of wedding cakes: Colored, classical

What is  necessary to do in the beginning? Determine the different wedding cake styles. There are many types, beginning at classics and finalizing by the pies with open dough and unusual toppers. An elegant choice isa white pie with the ornaments of white or other pastel colors. Such desserts look very festivous. If you would like to depart a little from classics, the vintage style wedding cakes comes to aid, which are  usually designed in gold or silver color.

Multipath pie with cream ruching will be very tender. If the wedding is planned in the rustic, boho or eco style, a good decision will be bare pies, that is, with open doubts decorated by the greens, or choose the western style wedding cakes, which will add the drive to your wedding atmosphere. If the wedding is in determined color, then a pie can be made in a similar chosen colour.

Consider the flavours you like

Incorrectly chosen pie filling can spoil all desserts. Therefore, newly-married couples usually have a preliminary article tasting which allows them ensure  the correct choice is made, or gives  time to rectify the error. We do not advise to choose a tight oil cream because it is very saturated and fat. The most optimum variant will be the biscuit doubts, light yogurt filling with fruit or berry taste. Remember to choose the wedding cake topping, which will adorn the cake and will make this even more distinguished. By the way, toppers can be both edible and inedible.

The Best Cake Trends 2018-2019 -

The Only 3-5 Wedding Cake Trends You Need to Know

One of the very stylish trends of the wedding pies is ombre effect with a gradual increase of colour from bottom to top or conversely. Pies decorated with tree branches and flowers are also in fashion. Indeed the look  is very refined and simultaneously unusual.

Geometrical drawings on lateral parts of the pie are on the increase for trends of 2018-2019. Geometry also joins the trend with inscriptions on the pie: names, or either initials of the newly-married couple or the date of wedding.

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