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How do I plan a simple wedding -

Preparation for a wedding is  uneasy, laborious, responsible and simultaneously joyful work. As soon as the euphoria from the proposal  starts to fade, the time comes to consider the planning of the event and to solve many organisational questions.

Many couples, who have never had the experience of organising a wedding event, have questions on how to do so. It is naturally that couples get stressed, because weddings are really  grand-scale events which require a lot of effort, time, means, knowledge and abilities. Of course, there are wedding organisers who will help to prepare a dream event. is a really rescue for newlyweds.  However not all couples can afford the additional expenses for the services of such a specialist.

Our wedding planning -

How do I plan a simple wedding?

If  you decided to organize a wedding yourself, then our wedding planning guides will help you . The first thing you should do is to establish a date. According to statistics, the most popular wedding months are June, September and October. So if you are planning your event for this period, start preparing for it in advance so that you can book the right venue and the contractors you liked for the day you have chosen.

The following step helps to define the number of guests. The choice of  venue, the cost of the meals and even the event program will depend on it. It is very important  to choose the date or event format  as soon as possible. It is probable, that you want to prepare your wedding in a particular style, a determined colour or at all abroad. After the date, we choose the venue for execution of wedding.

If you want to have enough time to do all these things, we advise you to draw up scheduled tasks and deadlines. Therefore, you will know when and what you should decide on, so preparation for the wedding will go smoothly, and the results of your labour will delight and  motivate you. A special online wedding plan, which will make preparation even easier and more merry, will help you .

It isn’t important whether you plan a noisy, grand-scale event, or alternatively a quiet family wedding, you should distribute  your wedding budget properly. It is necessary to know how to plan a wedding on a budget.

How long does it take to prepare for a wedding?

Wedding planning is a long and time-consuming process, so it is not recommended  to postpone organizing later down the road. You should have at least 3-4 months for preparation of the wedding. Of course, it is really about managing  your time in the short term, so you don’t have to hurry  and get unnecessary stress.

Nevertheless if you don’t have knowledge how to plan a wedding at all, begin preparation  8-9 months before the wedding date. It will allow you time to slowly organise your dream wedding.

How long does it take to prepare for a wedding -

Choose wedding style and location

Undoubtedly, it is very important to choose the style and venue for the wedding.That is half the success. Based on the chosen style, you will be able to understand approximately, what weddings locations will suit best for your chosen format. For example, if the wedding is rustic, boho, eco style, ceremony in the garden, in country complex or simply in the middle of the park will be  a worthy variant. If you want wedding in sea style – beach, quay, ship or yacht will be the perfect wedding location ideas.

If newlyweds on the day of the wedding plan a religion ceremony in church, the choice of location can be based on close proximity. We will note that the most popular variant of the wedding location are the restaurant, banquet hall and spacious platforms with catering.

All inclusive weddings are convenient for you

Wedding abroad are very popular now among newlyweds., he destination wedding locations list can  include many tourist countries such  as Montenegro, Greece, France, Czech Republic, Cuba, Italy, Spain and many other paradise nooks for lovers.

Many resort sea cities offer special advantageous offers to the sweethearts, which include accommodation for the couple and their guests in the hotel, execution of the ceremony in the hotel, reception while still receiving impressive discounts. It allows couples to conduct their wedding in the comfortable all inclusive format. It is an excellent variant for those who want to honeymoon on the beach right after the wedding.

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