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The success of the wedding reception largely depends on the menu chosen by the newlyweds. Show, entertainment and dancing are, of course, are good, but it’s still  nobody canceled to eat tasty, especially as the reason is the most suitable. How to feed the guests so that they are satisfied and remember your holiday with pleasant nostalgia?

The development of wedding menus begins after choosing the venue. Many establishments offer a ready-made banquet menu, in which you can make some changes. In this case, the task of the newlyweds become a little easier, because they already have a ready sketch of the festive table.

If you plan an exit ceremony and a catering service is needed, the situation here is slightly more complicated, although there are special organizations that can develop the menu and provide it for approval. Anyway, lovers still apply their hand to the wedding food menu, because this is their holiday, and they want it to be just perfect.

The Types Of Menus -

Types Of Menus

There are several types of wedding menus. Traditional wedding dinner menu is considered when there is a table with various dishes that a guest can take to choose from, and some dishes, such as hot and cake, are taken out by waiters additionally when it comes time according to the wedding timings.

Sometimes, before a main meal, a light buffet is organized, where all sorts of aperitifs and alcoholic beverages are offered. So if you want to warm up your guests before the celebration, and if you want a noisy live wedding reception, pay attention to the wedding buffet menu. This type of presentation contributes to the emancipation of guests and the creation of a relaxed atmosphere.

Recently, a somewhat different format of serving dishes is gaining popularity: plates with ready-made food are rendered to each guest individually, periodically replacing it with a new dish. This is very convenient, since an optimal amount of food for guests with a minimum of balance is being developed. For guests, however, there is a slight inconvenience: they do not know the entire range that awaits them during the celebration, so they can not always correctly calculate their strength.

The Optimal Menu Decision

When creating a wedding reception menu, be guided by your tastes, but keep in mind that you need to choose dishes with an eye to the preferences of the average person. For example, if the newlyweds are vegetarians, do not make the entire wedding table vegetarian. Do not go to extremes, because it is very unlikely that all your guests adhere to the same food philosophy.

It is advisable to ask the guests beforehand if they have any allergies to certain ingredients. If among the guests there are vegetarians, it is advisable to diversify the menu for them, so that such guests do not stay hungry at all. But in any case, the composition and variety of the menu is exclusively your decision, which must be realistic and fit into the designated wedding budget, beyond which it is extremely undesirable to go out.

The Wedding Menu: what to drinks -

How To Handle With Quantity Of Guests And Qedding Budget For The Menu

If wedding menu ideas are even more or less self-explanatory, then it is much more difficult to do alone with the amount of food and drinks. In order not to lose and not order too much or, even worse, little food, it is better to turn to the professionals of their business who have a rich experience in organizing feasts. They certainly know how many drinks and dishes will be optimal for a certain number of guests.

If we are talking about soft drinks, then on average a person needs a liter of liquid, alcoholic beverages are based on the number of men and women – half a liter of strong and one liter of low-alcohol drinks per person. With food, the calculation is somewhat more complicated: snacks and salads for one person need somewhere around 400 grams, main course – 500 grams, dessert – 150 grams. Of course, these figures are quite exemplary and are not a single way to determine the amount of food and drinks needed for a wedding. However, they will help at least roughly understand the volume of necessary orders for a wedding banquet.

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