Featuring at Rhyn Park Highs Prom Evening!

Prom Dress We’re pleased to announce that we have been selected to showcase our prom gowns and suit hire at Rhyn Park High Schools prom evening on the 31st January!

Thank you very much for choosing Fairytale Dresses, we’ve got some fantastic dresses ready for Rhyn Parks young ladies to catwalk!

If you’re in year 6 at Rhyn Park and want to catwalk any dresses just let your year head know, if you really want to try on a particular dress feel free to contact the store and we will try to bring it for you on the evening.

All our dresses are available on a first come first served basis and we will not allow any other girl from your prom to buy the same dress, so if you’ve seen the perfect dress on our website make sure you let us know before anyone else snaps it up!

All girls ordering before Valentines Day will receive a choice of our “Prom Tiaras” – coming soon to our website!