How to plan a destination wedding

How to plan destination wedding

Have you been offered a hand and a heart, or is it going to happen? Congratulations on this joyous occasion! And now let’s start to think about all wedding nuances. The first question is, where to celebrate? There are many options that are determined by your place of residence, but what about a destination wedding?

Now many couples, whose wedding was not in their hometown, admit, that it was the correct decision. What is so special about destination weddings? And is it true that, despite the popular belief that it takes a lot of money to do this, almost everyone can have it?

Let’s find out!

Locations for your  destination weddings

First of all, while planning a wedding abroad, you need to decide on destination wedding locations. The world is so huge, and there are many beautiful places to go. Just imagine how great it will be to make your wedding abroad. So which wedding destinations are the most popular?

Among the newlyweds, the most popular are warm regions, where on the beach of the sea or of the ocean, lovers will exchange rings and, where the wedding dance will take place. The best all inclusive wedding resorts are situated in such places, as: Greece, Philippines, Indonesia (Bali), Portugal, Thailand, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic. Of course, this list can be continued.

Let’s move away from the summer mood and consider other popular and affordable destination weddings. They can take place in such romantic cities, as Prague, Paris, Las Vegas, Rome, Venice, Florence, Barcelona. Of course, the big capitals of the countries are not very cheap, but if you planning a small wedding, then why not make your dream come true?

How Much Destination Weddings Costs?


wedding budgeting

Before choosing a country for your wedding and planning other organizational matters, decide on the budget of the event. Most often, everything depends on money, so it’s better to know your financial framework at the beginning.

Yes, destination wedding costs can’t be compared with the prices in your hometown, but it really worth the impression, that you will have after, isn’t it? In addition, we are sure that it is not necessary to have millions to celebrate the wedding. Sometimes the warm atmosphere and the style of the event are more important. So cheap destination weddings can also be interesting and memorable.

Planning a wedding abroad, you need a person who will help organize everything, which knows all the nuances of organizing a wedding in any country. Without wedding planners destination weddings you won’t cope. So, you need a professional, if you do not want to face a lot of unforeseen circumstances, problems, and difficulties.

Weddings styles and themes

beach wedding

Have you already chosen the country? Have you seen the pictures with the best destination weddings? Are you inspired? Then let’s choose the style of your wedding. In many aspects, this choice depends on the place, that you have chosen for the wedding, but there are some styles that can be called universal: classic, rustic, boho, eco, province, shabby chic, vintage.

Think about what you want to see as the whole wedding, in what style you would like to be. It is sure, that the heart tells you the right option. The right one is one that will bring you joy, satisfaction, and beautiful photos.

If you want a traditional wedding in a lush, white dress, you can choose a classic. If you want to mix ethnic, vintage and eco-motives, you will like the bohemian style or boho. If you prefer simple and natural materials, village accessories, rustic is for you. There are a lot of styles for a wedding, so first of all, think which one will bring you the greatest joy.

How many guests invite to the wedding

Whom should I invite to my wedding abroad? The question is not easy. If you have limited finances, you will have to make a difficult choice: either call everyone, but make a wedding at home, or call only the closest ones and go abroad.

If you want to understand, at least approximately, how much money you need for such an event, it makes sense to contact destination wedding planning services, where you will not only be guided in prices but will also help organize a real dream celebration.

The best season to celebrate destination weddings

Do not plan a wedding in hot seasons, otherwise, you will have to face people, so you can forget about romance, beautiful photos, and tranquility. And remember that all-inclusive destination weddings will give you an ocean of positive emotions.

While choosing a season for your wedding, look at what destination wedding packages offer this or that place. It can help you at least save a little, and also make your wedding comfortable and thought-out.

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