How to set the wedding date

How to set the wedding date -

After the engagement, the lovers will have to solve a variety of organizing issues that will determine the  content of the wedding. The first thing to choose is the wedding date. Often, there are two popular ways to determine the date of an event X. First – the couple chooses a memorable date that means something in their life or in their relationship. The second is when the choice falls  on a certain time of the year and the corresponding month. Not all couples will choose  winter for their wedding, but early spring and late autumn are also not popular due to unpredictable and cloudy weather conditions.

It should be mentioned about the options, when a couple needs to arrange a wedding as soon as possible due to various reasons: moving, ending a visa, pregnancy, legal subtleties and so on. Another factor in choosing the date is the contractors you want to use at your holiday, or the place where you are going to  have the wedding – whether they are  available.How long should you wait before getting married after proposal -

How long should you wait before getting married after proposal?

There are no specific rules on how much time should pass after the offer of the hand and heart and the wedding itself. Here, the pair decides how it will be most comfortable and profitable. If you believe the statistics, the most frequent preparation time for the celebration is nine months. To some, this period may seem very long, but it is rather a leisurely pace of preparation for the event , when the wedding organization passes without fuss and unnecessary experience.

Probably the most optimal period is three to four months of preparation after the offer. So you do not stretch the preparatory process too much, but do not fuss about the organization. When you decide all sorts of wedding tasks, do not forget to  enjoy the process, because you are preparing  your event- one of the happiest days in your life.

For a variety of reasons, the time between engagement and wedding can be very long or too short. In any case, do not worry, because shows that there  is no couple that could not cope with the organization in a timely manner.

What is save-the-dates and when to prepare them

When you have decided on your wedding date, it’s time to prepare a card to save the date. What is  this? This is a kind of wedding invitation, which informs your guests about the date of the event , so that they did not plan anything for this day and leave it for your wedding. Save the date cards differ from the invitation cards in that they do not have a lot of information about the event, and all the details are already written in the invitation. This includes the place, time, dress code, wishes regarding gifts for the young people and other details.

Do not send the cards to all your guests. We advise you to make two lists of guests – obligatory and those who are still in doubt. To those people who you fully expect to be at your wedding, feel free to send a preliminary invitation forsaving the date.

The most popular wedding dates -

What month to get married? The most popular wedding dates, months and seasons to get married

What month to choose for your wedding? It’s no secret that there are months in which the greatest number of weddings are held. And if you do not want to be one of the many brides in the chosen place, it makes sense to choose a less popular month. 

July, September, and October are the most popular months for a wedding. The reason for this is obvious – the weather at this time is the most favorable and predictable. Yes, and beautiful photos of nature will turn out simply stunning. The month chosen for the wedding can be used as a save the date idea. For example, decorating the cards with painted yellow leaves or summer flowers.

How to set the wedding budget?

An important question that needs to be addressed at the beginning or in the middle of the preparatory process concerns wedding budgets. Try to really understand how much money you can afford to spend on the celebration, and how this amount will be appropriate. So be sure to think about the optimal wedding budget breakdown. Can a certain amount of money be put aside for rest or a honeymoon?

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