Destination Wedding Etiquette – Budgeting questions

Who pays for what at a destination wedding -

More and more often, newlyweds are having offsite ceremonies instead of traditional weddings. This option, of course, has many advantages. Offsite ceremonies are weddings that take place in some unusual places in their city or even abroad. Everything is possible here, but there is one limitation – the destination wedding costs.

The advantage of an exit ceremony is that it is an unusual approach, unusual impressions, the opportunity to organize some enchanting show on a backdrop with beautiful nature or dizzying views. Also, if the wedding is planned abroad, you will immediately have the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the honeymoon without unnecessary relocations and additional preparations.

Who pays for what at a destination wedding?

Organizing an offsite ceremony, a natural question appears: who pays for what? It is a matter of destination wedding etiquette and the possibilities of the newlyweds, their guests. Traditionally, the side of the bride pays close guests for her part, and the groom’s side – for his. Often, the newlyweds offer to pay for hotel rooms and meals for their guests, who in return pay for the transfers, and incur expenses outside the wedding party.

Most of the cost of the wedding is often taken by the groom: wedding rings and a bridal bouquet, the honeymoon, gifts for guests. The bride pays the cost of a ring and the groom’s gift, the necessary cosmetic procedures. Having seen the destination wedding prices, many couples retreat from their idea because of the high cost but do not be in a hurry to get upset. It is worth looking for discounts in hotels for newlyweds, group rates and profitable offers for lovers. This will help save a lot on the organization of an exit wedding.

Destination Wedding Etiquette -

Do you have to pay for guests at a destination wedding?

Many couples ask themselves this question. What do the rules of etiquette tell us? If you organize a wedding abroad and plan to invite guests, it is very desirable that you fully bear the costs for your parents, younger brothers and sisters.

If you have planned well your wedding budget and you have enough money, you should think about paying for the accommodation or the flight of your other guests, especially those who can not afford to spend extra money for the celebration. When planning a wedding abroad, you automatically screen out distant relatives with whom you have never maintained relations, as well as acquaintances and colleagues with whom you do not maintain a close relationship. So you will ensure yourself a destination weddings on a budget.

How much cheaper is a destination wedding?

Most couples think that a destination wedding is definitely more expensive than a traditional wedding. How true is this? Of course, much depends on the scope of the celebration, on the venue, the number of guests and other important details. However, if you compare the costs of newlyweds who have weddings in their city and abroad, then their average cost is approximately the same.

Independently, you can organize inexpensive destination weddings, because many hotels provide discounts to newlyweds, and in some countries the cost of such an event will not be too high. Knowing the intricacies of organizing a wedding abroad, you can prepare cheap destination weddings, which will not be inferior to the traditional lavish feasts.

The wedding guests -

How much does it cost to have a destination wedding?

Prices for the organization of offsite ceremonies can vary significantly depending on the chosen country and city, on the format of the holiday, the presence or absence of the honeymoon, the number of invited guests. According to statistics, the average cost of destination weddings in the world is about 20 thousand dollars. This amount is rather big, but if you detail the wedding budget, it becomes clear how much money it is.

Do not be hurry to give up the idea of arranging a destination wedding.  Find an agency that organizes weddings, and finds out an approximate price list from them . And believe that dreams come true!

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