Alexia Design Discontinuations

Hi Ladies, just a quick update with the end of year discontinuations from Alexia Designs.

Immediate Discontinuations
These dresses are no longer available to order with immediate effect. Luckily none of them are in store, so don’t panic! Your dream dress with us will still be available. Styles as follows;
W002, W003, W042, W053, W067, W070, WJ70, W082, W142, W165, W166, W259, W262, W264, W265, W267, W269, 268T, W270, W272, W274, W275, W276, W311, W312, W190, 1125, 1220 and 1135.

December Discontinuations
A number of styles will be discontinued, the last day for ordering will be the 20th December. We must have 50% paid on or before this date for us to have the dresses commissioned before they get discontinued.

Again, none of the discontinued designs are in our shop so don’t worry!

Discontinued Bridesmaids
2914, 2959, 2963, 2967, 2969, 2971, 2979, 2981, 2985, 2991, 2993

Discontinued Flower Girl Dresses
F001, F002, F003, F005, F007, F011

Discontinued Bridal Gowns
1120, 1135, 1220, W030, WJ47, W095, W096, W110, W115, W172, W192, W201, W203,W204, W206, W207, W208, W209, W223, W224, W230, W231, W232, W235, W236, W237, W241, W244 and W246.

Style Number Changes
Style 3038 is now known as style 884